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Greenhouse Therapy provides a range of services including special needs counseling, individual therapy, couples & family therapy, and group therapy.

We view therapy as a shared endeavor, with the child, family, couple, or individual firmly in the role of the expert.


We have experience with individuals, couples, groups, teenagers & children with a wide array of challenges, and an even wider and more powerful array of strengths.  Our therapists have backgrounds in applied behavior analysis, play therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy paired with a deep respect for the human experience.

We have a passion for helping families with children with developmental disabilities, children, teens, and adults who have experienced trauma, and any relationship where the couple desperately want to stay together.  Several of our therapists have personal and professional experience with military families and we are sensitive to the challenges of veterans and their families.

We offer unique therapy opportunities for teens, young adults, and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities that combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Humanistic/Experiential Therapy.


We are a vendor with the Alta California Regional Center and offer in-home and in-community therapy for individuals with special needs.


At Greenhouse Therapy, we feel strongly that the quality of therapy services starts with passionate, well-trained clinicians.  As such, we provide comprehensive and ongoing training to clinicians at various levels of practice, including trainees (folks currently earning a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, social work, professional clinical counseling, or another related field), associates (folks who have earned their masters degree and are gaining hours towards licensure), as well as seasoned licensed clinicians.  Trainees and associates are provided many hours of supervision each week in order to ensure best practices are being utilized with each client per individual need and therapy goals.  Due to the nature of various schooling programs, along with sometimes unforeseen changes in circumstances, the same clinician may not be present for the duration of any specific case treatment.  However, as we are very sensitive to the intimate nature of the client-clinician relationship, if a change of clinician is going to occur, we do our best to provide ample time for clients to process this change, along with providing a smooth transition to another clinician on the team to ensure continuity of care.

We are able to provide therapy services in: English, Spanish, and Arabic.

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