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Our mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities navigate the transition from childhood to adolescence, and from adolescence to adulthood, with honor and respect for their individual goals, desires, and personal dignity.  The philosophy driving this purpose is the belief that society operates best when all individuals, regardless of ability and development, are able to fully participate, and have the opportunity to pursue personal passions. 


The purpose of our program is to identify individual client strengths, abilities,  and personal resources, and to learn to use these assets to overcome and manage individual challenges.  Clients participating in a Greenhouse Therapy program will be supported to develop personal strengths, expand opportunities, and increase their scope and depth of personal experiences.  The goals for each client are highly individualized, as each person’s path of development is unique.  


Our therapists are experienced, and receive additional training and ongoing supervision in providing counseling services to individuals with special needs and their families.  


Services are offered in the virtual, in home, community, and office settings.  

Greenhouse Therapy is able to work with several insurance plans and is a partnered vendor with the Alta California Regional Center.

For more information, complete the form below or call 916-701-7667.  Or to sign up for services, click the GET STARTED button below.

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