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Allison Bachelder, MFTT

Direct Service Therapist

“Sometimes our first and greatest dare is asking for support.” — Brene Brown

The human experience is complex and different for each of us, and our journey through life does not have to be traveled alone. I consider it a privilege to work with children, adolescents, adults, family systems, and couples as they strive to achieve their goals. I believe therapy can promote growth and progress in a safe, respectful, and attainable way. I use an array of therapeutic tools and research-based techniques, applying them to each individual collaboratively.

I have a background in education and worked as an elementary school teacher for nine years before transitioning to marriage and family therapy. My personal experiences with relationships, trauma, addiction, and grief fuel my passion for mental health, and I firmly believe mental health is an essential part of well-being, and having the courage to gain the support of a therapist is a crucial step in building the life you want to live. I am passionate about meeting clients where they are and providing a space where clients are seen, supported, and encouraged.

Allison Bachelder, MFTT
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