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Josh Glass, MA, LMFT

Director of Greenhouse Therapy & Clinical Supervisor

I view therapy as a shared endeavor with the child, family, couple or individual, firmly in the role of the expert. I am dedicated to helping each person discover and embrace their own importance and strength. I have had the pleasure of helping individuals, couples, groups, teenagers and children with a wide array of challenges and an even wider and more powerful array of strengths. I come from a background of applied behavior analysis with training and experience in play therapy, family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy paired with a deep respect for the human experience.

I have a passion for helping families with children with developmental disorders, children, teens and adults who have experienced trauma, and any marriage where the couple desperately want to stay together. I grew up in a Marine Corps family and am sensitive to the challenges of veterans and their families.

I believe that therapy is less of a business and more of a calling. While I am able to work with some insurance companies, I believe therapy should be affordable to any who want it.

Josh Glass, MA, LMFT
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